3D Secure

To validate your account at Clouding.io we ask that you enter the data of a card that supports two-step authorization (2FA) for online purchases. That is to say, a card that allows you to validate a payment, using something separate from the numbers on your card. The first step is about the data of your card and the second is about the data that your bank will ask for during the transaction. In most cases, this data will be a code of a coordinates card, a special password or a code that you´ll receive by SMS.

This validation is done for security reasons, because before giving you access to the Clouding.io platform it is necessary that we validate your identity and this is the fastest way to do it.

When entering your card information in our website form, the data will be encrypted in your browser and sent directly to our payments gateway -Adyen- which is responsible for processing the charge in a coordinated manner with your bank.

If your card has a service of two validation factors (2FA) activated, during the payment you will be redirected to your bank, where you must enter the second authentication factor – SMS code, code of a coordinates card or password – to complete the transaction.

In case your card does not support 2FA, the transaction will be canceled. Keep in mind that if we cancel the transaction immediately, it is possible that your bank will charge in your account and it may take a few days to record the cancelation of those charges. Depending on the bank, the cancellation of the charge may appear immediately or might take a few days.

Can I trust my card information with Clouding.io?

At Clouding.io we never store your card data on our servers. Instead, the data is sent directly to Adyen – our payment processor – which assigns a unique alphanumeric identifier to your card, which is what we work with. In this way, from Clouding.io we never have access to the actual data of your card.

In addition, throughout the process the data is always kept encrypted, not only using https for all communications, but encrypted using asymmetric encryption in your browser, before being sent to the internet.

What is 3D Secure?

3D Secure is a security device that some cards have for the security of online purchases. It is a security check against fraud, which we ask our leads to verify their identity. Depending on the type of card, this control is also called “MasterCard SecureCode” or “Verified by Visa”.

How does it work?

It is quite simple. When a customer makes a purchase with a card, a pop-up window of their bank will show up. You are asked to enter a password, previously registered, to confirm that you are the holder of the card and to be able to do the purchase. If you have not already done so, you may be asked to first set up your 3D Secure card and create a password.

Is this password the same as the Clouding.io user password?


What happens if the cardholder forgets the password?

On the 3D Secure page, controlled by the bank, there may be a link “Have you forgotten your password?” or similar. If not, the purchaser can contact their bank.

What advantages does it have?

  1. Verification of the identity of the potential purchaser, thereby reducing the risks of fraud.
  2. If fraud occurs on the part of the purchaser in a payment that has passed a 3D Secure check, normally the issuer of the card is responsible for the losses instead of the seller.
  3. Consumer confidence increases and purchasers are more likely to return.

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