Accepted Payment Methods

The payment methods you can use are:

  • Credit card, balance will be shown immediately in our client panel.
  • Banking receipt, balance can last up to 72 hours to be shown in your client panel.
  • PayPal, balance will be shown immediately in your panel client.

From we recommend you that you use a credit or debit card, since it is an instant method that guarantees that you’ll never run out of balance.

If you choose the Auto-Refill feature, the system will ask you to link it to only one payment method.

If you choose the manual refill, you can choose between the payment methods that you previously set up for every refill that you do.

This list is not a closed one. We will add more payment methods in the future. If there is a specific one you would like us to add, call us or write us an e-mail to [email protected] We’ll be pleased to hear your suggestion!


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