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In the backups world there a lot of possible setups to keep our data from any kind of attack or human problem (above all the latter). There are people that back up every two days, others every day, others every four days. This is why for some time now, at we have available a very useful feature available that allows to setup a server backup in 5 minutes. Besides, from our panel, you can manage backups in a simple way.

But these backups, which are of the whole server, are  sometimes not enough. This is why it is necessary to set up other backups internally on the server in order to save separately our web applications or other services separately. This is why if you have installed an administrative panel of the server like Plesk or VestaCP, you can set up a backup of the web pages in case, when restoring the whole server, you only want to restore a specific web page.

In this case we are going to talk about how to do Backups using VestaCP, which, although it is a simple panel, has some useful setups.

Setting up the number of Backups to be done

In order to set up the number of Backups, we have to change it from the plans. Before that, we must know which plan our user setup has. To find out, click on User:


As can be seen on the image, the default plan is available, so we have to go to Plans on the main menu further up and then edit the plan. Once there, look for the parameter Respaldo and set up the number of Backups that you want to save.

We must take into account that these Backups are saved by default in/backups and that if we setup a lot of backups of all our websites, these will occupy space on the SSD disc. Therefore, we must take into account the disc space available to set up the backup.


Within the tab Respaldo, there is the option Exclusions. This option allows to exclude some types of content  to be excluded within the daily backup that it is done. For instance, you can exclude a web page, a mail account or a database,etc.

In order to do this, we will only have to type the name of the server to be excluded:


Restoration of respaldo

With VestaCP we can restore one part of our services, for instance, if we want to restore the mail of a user, there is no problem. The restoration of the whole website is not necessary and can be separate.

Withtin the options in Respaldo, if you click on a backup, you can select the option Setup restoration options from where we will indicate what we want to restore:

Within that option, which will upload a content list which contains the respaldo, we can restore what we need:

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Visitors comments
  1. Comment (Published by collins)

    how can i restore a backup saved on an external hard drive ?


    • Comment (Published by cldn-kb-admin)

      You have to upload your backup to /backup, then you could restore this backup form VestaCP