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Below are more details about services. We explain how our services are billed precisely and on the other hand we also explain in more depth the performance that can be expected and how our services can be scaled.

How is the monthly price calculated if it is a per-hours service?

Well, it is very simple, all the services are billed per hours, although to help you understand the prices on our website we also offer you an approach of the monthly price of your cloud server.

For example, each gigabyte of RAM is billed € 0.0027 per hour, so depending on its use the cost would be:

  • 1 Day (24 hours) => 24 * 0.0027 € = 0.0648 €
  • 30 Days (720 hours) => 720 * 0.0027 € = € 1,944
  • 31 Days (744 hours) => 744 * 0.0027 € = € 2,0088

If you look at our website, you will see that we have rounded the monthly price to € 2. We’ ve done this because on average one month has approximately 30.5 days (365 days / 12 months = 30.41 days), which is about 730 hours, so as you might have guessed, the approximate monthly price of 1GB of RAM would be:

  • 30,41 Days (730 hours) => 730 * 0,0027 = 1,971€

You must be thinking that the price of a Cloud Server in varies every month and the truth is that you are absolutely right. Those months of less than 30 days you will be paying a little bit less and those months of 31days a little bit more, but the average will always be less than the monthly price calculated on our website.

Important warning

Remember that the resources assigned to a cloud server will be billed even though the Cloud Server is turned off. That is, even if you turn off your Cloud Server, you will be charged the same amount, the only way to skip charges is to erase it completely.

How and when is the service billed?

Well, it’s very easy. It is a pre-payment system. You top-up the balance with the desired amount and this balance will be reducing progressively with the use of the server(s) you have created.

The balance will only be charged when you have one or more servers created. If you don´t have any server created server but you do have balance, no worries! Your balance does not expire, it will be waiting for you whenever you need it. The minimum balance to charge is 2€. There is no flat fee or monthly rates.

There are two available ways to top-up balance:

  • Manual refill: you can top-up balance whenever you want to and for the amount that suits you the best. We will give you the option to save the payment method you have chosen, so it is quicker the next time you top-up balance. It is only an option, though. If for security reasons, you prefer not to save it, you can do that. We want you to feel safe!
  • Auto-Refill: you can set that up each time your balance is lower than, for example, 20 euros, the system automatically refills 20 more euros. You don´t have to worry about anything, you will never run out of balance!

Each time you top-up the balance, an invoice will be generated, it doesn´t matter if the amount is 5 euros or 100. You will get the invoice attached in an e-email and you can also download it from your client panel in pdf format. is a pre-payment service. This way you can better monitor your expenses!

This system will allow you not only greater freedom when deciding how much you want to spend but also a greater monitoring of your expenses. You can see clearly and quickly your consumption in and this will allow you to optimize your budget.

So you want to know how much cloud servers run? You don’t have to keep looking for! At we work relentlessly so that our cloud server offer the expected performance you are looking for.

Besides, we are completely transparent, so below we explain to you the performance you can expect from each component of your cloud server.


The RAM that you order for your Cloud Server is the physical RAM that we will keep for it.

We also use innovative technologies such as NUMA placement or Transparent Huge Pages so that your sever´s RAM is as fast as possible.


At we believe in predictable performance.

That is, your Cloud Server will always work just as fast.

While it is somewhat complicated to calculate the performance of vCore due to the nature of the Cloud, in we offer a series of scales so you can get an idea of the constant performance you can expect from each vCore of your Cloud Server:

  • Approximately 120% of a core of an Intel Xeon Xeon E5-2683v4 processor
  • Approximately 90% of a core of an Intel Xeon Xeon Gold 6148 processor
  • The third part that an i5 of early 2016
  • The fourth part that an i7 of early 2016
  • Passmark Index ( Constant between 2.000 and 2.200.
  • UnixBench result: Between 2.222 and 2.225

And remember, you can always register in, create a Cloud Server and pass your favourite benchmarking software. As we only charge you the hours you use it, it will cost you only a few cents.

SSD discs

Aha! The jewel in the crown of, our fantastic distributed storage system based on SSD Solid State Drives.

Following our philosophy of transparency and ease, we have assigned a minimum IOPS number to each Cloud Server, and an additional extra for each SSD storage block assigned to your server.

That is, with each block of 25GB of SSD disc that you assign to your Cloud Server, the IOPS assigned to it will be increased.

For example, a Cloud Server with the minimum disk (25GB) would have the following performance:

Reading IOPS: 8000
Writing IOPS: 8000

That’s … between 16 and 32 times faster than a normal hard drive!

From here, for every 25GB you assign to your Cloud Server you will get 200 more IOPS for writing and 400 more for reading.

Thus, for example, a 1900GB disk would have the following IOPS:

Reading IOPS: 8000 + (1875/25 * 400) = 38000
Writing IOPS: 8000 + (1875/25 * 200) = 38000

And this with a constant performance and an approximate response time of 1.5 ms.


The platform uses a CISCO network with a minimum of 20 Gbps at any of its points and with 40 or 80 Gbps zones where more power is needed.

Your Cloud Server has 2 network connections, the first one has a public IP and is connected directly to the Internet, without NAT or weird things, so you can use it as and for whatever you want to. The second is connected to a private network to which only you and your cloud servers  have access, perfect to share sensitive or important data between your cloud servers. Following the philosophy of transparency, below you can find the performance you can expect from each of these network connections:

Private Network: 500 constant mbps in each Cloud Server.

Public Network Local Access: 500 constant mbps in each Cloud Server.

Public Network Internet access: 500 constant mbps in each Cloud Server.

And remember, the first 2 TB (Terabytes) of Internet transfer are included with your Cloud Server. But not worries, if you overcome them, we will charge you the extra traffic with only 2 Cents of Euro per GB (GigaByte) the extra transfer.


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