Create Server from a Snapshot

Steps to follow to create a Server from a Snapshot

  1. From your client panel, click on “MY SERVERS”. Inside the Server you select, click on “MY SNAPSHOTS”. In the “Actions” column, click on the three dots. A window will appear. Lastly, click on “Create Server from Snapshot”.
  2.  A window will unfold so that you create a new Server. You will have to name it, choose the resources and select the backups (this last one is optional).You can preview the price of the Server, per hour and per month, with and without VAT. Lastly, click on “SUBMIT”.
  3. In just a few seconds, you will have the Server created from a Snapshot. You can see it in “MY SERVERS”.

You can also do it the following way, since Snapshots are independent from Servers:

Inside your client panel, go to “MY SNAPSHOTS”. From there you can see all your available Snapshots. Choose one and click on “Actions”. A window will appear. Click on “Create a Server from a Snapshot”. From there on, the steps to be followed are the same ones as stated above:


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