Creation of a Snapshot

Steps to create a Snapshot

  1. In your client panel, click on “SERVERS” and on the chosen Server, click on “SNAPSHOTS”.
  2. Choose the option “Create Snapshot”.
  3. A window will open for you to indicate the name of the Snapshot and a short description. You can shut down the Server while the Snapshot is being created by clicking on “Shutdown Server for more stability”, in order to ensure the data integrity. If you choose this option, the Server will shut down for a few seconds while the Snapshot is created and will automatically turn back on afterwards. Lastly, click on “SUBMIT”
  4. You have created your first Snapshot! It will be shown in your “MY SNAPSHOTS” list and will indicate the creation date, the name and description, the Server from which you created the Snapshot and the size.

Now you have a Snapshot of your Server. You can use it to revert to the state of the Server the moment the Snapshot was created or to create a new Server in the future.

Important Warning

Remember that this Snapshot is independent from your Server and that even if you erase the Server, the Snapshot will remain.

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