Disable restart because of Windows updates

Today we will see how to prevent Windows 10 and other versions from restarting automatically after installing an update. While other Windows versions require the user to decide when updates are installed, Windows 10 works with an “auto-pilot”, taking control of the decisions regarding updates.

Sometimes we will have a Windows 10 server and the never need to restart it since it will be offering a 24/7 service. What we’ll do is modify a scheduled task so that Windows 10 never reboots.


Remember that if you decide to do this, you will take control of the reboots and therefore you will be responsible for the correct installation of the updates. Having an updated server with the latest security versions is important for the proper functioning of the server.

Disable restarts on Windows 10

The first thing we do is press “Windows + R” keys and a window will open where we will write the following on the box:

control schedtasks

Press Enter and the Task Scheduler will open:

Once the Task Scheduler is open, from the left column, open the following task: Task Scheduler (local)>Task Scheduler Library>Microsoft> Windows>UpdateOrchestrator:

From the central panel, you can see the scheduled tasks. Click on the Reboot task and choose Disable:

Close the Task Scheduler, open the File Explorer and then open the following folder:


To access the Tasks folder you will get a message to grant permission; click on Continue. Once inside the UpdateOrchestrator folder, rename the Reboot file to Reboot.back:

Create a directory called Reboot and leave it empty:

Eventually, restart the system so that the changes are applied. From now on, Windows will not restart the computer after installing updates. However, you will have to be aware of the updates that have a pending restart to be completed.

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