How to connect to a Windows Server through Remote Desktop

Connecting to a Cloud Server through “Remote Desktop” is very simple. In order to do so you will need:

  1. Your Server IP 

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    You can find your Server IP by following the steps in this article:

    Ver IP de mi servidor en

  2. The user password “Administrator” of your Server

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    You can find the password of your Server by following the steps in this article:

    Ver contraseña de mi servidor en

  3. A connection program to Remote Desktop. If you’re connecting from a Windows computer, the latter is usually already installed.

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    From most of the Windows versions you can execute this program simply by:

    1. Clicking on the keys: “Windows Key” + “R”
    2. When the Execute windows opens, click on “mstsc” and “Accept

Once you have done all the steps mentioned above, you just have to:

  1. Execute the program connected to Remote Desktop.
  2. Indicate your Server IP, and click on “Connect“.
  3. Once the access screen appears you will have to indicate the access user, which will be “Administrator“, unless you have generated another one from the server.


    In some Windows versions, it is necessary to add “.\” before the user name, to indicate that it is a normal user of the server and not a domain one.

  4. The access password of the “Administrator” user.

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