Install an FTP Server on Windows with Filezilla Server

If you want to install an FTP server on your own Windows Server, there are many programs that allow you to do this. The one recommended by us is Filezilla Server.

Filezilla Server Installation

First of, we will download the Filezilla Server installer. Once downloaded, we will execute the installer and follow the steps. Below are some screenshots of these steps.

Filezilla Server Setup

Now that we have Filezilla Server installed, we will start to set it up, activate “Autoban” to block access with bad passwords and create a certificate to be able to connect via FTPS – safely-. Below arescreenshots of the whole process.

Note: we must open port 990 in the client panel firewall.

Create Filezilla Server users

Now that we have the FTP server setup, we will create a user to access the download folder of our server.

Now you can upload files to your server, you can add all the users you want to or even create groups.

Have you tried it? Leave us your comments! ­čÖé


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