Odoo pre-installed image

In the available images, there is the option to deploy a server with Odoo under the Linux operating system – specifically with Ubuntu LTS 18.04. Once you have the server deployed, the installation of Odoo will start, which can last between 10 and 15 minutes and you can see the timing from the Emergency Console.

Once the Odoo installation is complete, you can access the Odoo web panel with the following information:

  • URL: http://vm.ip.address

Image features

The software contained in the Odoo image is found below:

Nginx as a Proxy server
Odoo 12.x o 11.x (Last version)
PostgreSQL 10.6 as a database server
Ubuntu 18.04 as an operating system
Odoo will work by default with your server IP, if you want it to work with your domain’s IP, enter the administrator and go to “Stores> Configuration> Web” and in “Base URL” change the server IP for the domain’s or subdomain’s IP.

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