Openprovider Prices

Openprovider is one of the largest providers in Europe of SSL certificates, domains, spam filters, Plesk licenses, etc. If you register at you will enjoy their prices as a “Silver Partner”, cheaper than what you would get as a “standard” client. When registering at you will receive a discount coupon in your e-mail inbox to be used for any of the Openprovider products.

Below is a table with prices that you can enjoy as “Silver Partner” for some of the products – just as an example – offered by Openprovider.

Plesk 12 and Onyx (17) prices
Web Admin Web Pro Web Host
6€/month 9€/month 15€/month
 SSL Certificates (only with one domain)
Comodo (Essential) Comodo (Positive SSL)  Rapid SSL (Rapid SSL) Thawte (SSL 123)
18,51€/year 18,51€/year  27,30€/year  169,28 €/year
 .es  .com .eu  .net
 4,09€  8,06€  3,75€  7,83€

All prices shown do not include tax. The prices have been reviewed as of 27/12/2017, and are subject to any change by Openprovider.

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