Our Datacenter Security

At Clouding.io we host our platform with ssd Servers at the British Telecom (BT) Datacenter located on the outskirts of the city of Barcelona, Spain.

The Datacenter has several fiber optic lines, which connect the datacenter with both the Espanix neutral exchange point in Madrid, and with different neutral and BT exchange points through Europe, guaranteeing maximum availability and speed connection both nationally and internationally.

In addition, the datacenter has strict control measures related to physical access, environmental conditions and power supply, ensuring that our service has optimal quality.

SLA DataCenter

Power Supply Network 99,999%
Temperature 22° C (±5° C) 99,90%
Temperature 22° C (±8° C) 99,99%
Humidity 50% (±20%) 99,99%

Physical Security

Access to the data center is controlled by 24/7 security staff, and has a closed TV circuit. Access is restricted, and is only allowed by prior authorization.

Security Measures

  • Intrusion detection and central alarm connected to the police.
  • Metal detector and tunstyle to access the datacenter.
  • Access room for suppliers and external nodes.
  • Front cameras on all access doors.
  • Cameras in all corridors, external and internal facilities.
  • Video centralization system both interior and on the perimeter.
  • Security guards in a 24 hours a day , 365 ays a yeard schedule.
  • Continuous tape recording 24 hours a day, stored in a fireproof cabinet.

Access Control

  • 4 access levels depending on the tasks to be performed.
  • Access to the perimeter.
  • Access to the building.
  • Access to technical rooms.
  • Access to rack cabinets.

Environmental Controls

Our servers are protected against fire by using a suppression system, designed to extinguish any fire in seconds without leaving any residue on the equipment.

The datacenter is equipped with a sophisticated air conditioning system (N x 2) set to a temperature of 20 ºC and 50%-relative humidity to ensure as efficient cooling as possible.

Air conditioning

  • 24 hours of continuous cooling.
  • Redundant air conditioning equipment.
  • Datacenter temperature 21 ° C (+ – 5 ° C).
  • Relative humidity datacenter of 50% (+ – 10%).

Fire protection

  • Smoke detectors.
  • Automatic start of extinguishing systems through FE-13 gas ejection systems.
  • Automatic fire detection and extinguishing system in all housing rooms.
  • Independent systems for each of the rooms.
  • Manual emergency start/stop buttons in all rooms.
  • Optical and ionic detectors with VESDA (Very Early Smoke Detection Alarm) system.
  • Acoustic and visual alarms centre.
  • Alarms monitored 24/7, both by the technical staff of the data center and remotely.


The datacenter where Clouding.io hosts its platform is equipped with redundant connections to various electrical networks in anticipation of any possible failure of the electrical network.

Additionally, each center has kinetic diesel generators (N x 2) set to a support the entire building and infrastructure, with enough fuel to run at full power for more than 5 days.


  • Full backup power supply system from the building entrance.
  • Electricity supply of 25.000 volts, and three in-house transformer units in a separate room.


  • N + 1 backup generation system in two completely independent and separate rooms.
  • 3200 kVA power generation.
  • 4 Hitec rotary UPS units that act as UPSs and generators.
  • 50,000 liters of fuel oil in two tanks for autonomy of 5-days.
  • Double pumping system for each tank.
  • Intermediate tanks of 1,000 liters for each generator (all in all, 4).


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