Remote access to Linux server using SSH

To access your server using SSH you only need a client that supports this option.


This article is based on the Putty client, a free client for Windows that you can download here. isn’t affiliated with the PuTTy project. We are using this SSH client for Windows just as an example to connect to your server from your computer. You can use whichever SSH client that you find.

Once you open the client you will see the next panel:


You should assure that you put the IP of your server, or a domain name that resolves to your IP, in the box Host Name (or IP address):


Next you have to check that the box SSH is selected on the Connection Type options:


Lastly, you just have to click on the button Open, and if the connection is correct, it will prompt for a console where you can spicify your user (usually root) and password to access your server.

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