Restoration of a Server to a previous Snapshot

Steps to follow to restore a Server to a previous Snapshot

  1. Click on “MY SERVERS”. Inside the Server you have chosen, click on “SNAPSHOTS”. You will see all the available Snapshots. Choose one and click on “Actions”. A window will appear. Click on “Restore Snapshot”.
  2. A window will open. It will ask if you are sure and inform you that the Server will reinitiate during the process. Lastly, click on “OK”.
  3. In just a few seconds, you will have the Server restored from the Snapshot 😉


Some tips about Snapshots

  • Snapshots are meant to create concrete instants of your servers. For instance, you can use them to create an instant of your server right before performing an important change – like a software update – and, if needed, go back to a previous state. Or you can also save a template image of your servers and use it to create new servers in the future.
  • Snapshots are kept in the same storage cluster as your cloud server. In the event that anything takes place on the main storage system, your Backups will be safe in a totally independent storage system.
  • Snapshots are manually managed. That means, they are created and deleted manually. Snapshots are kept “frozen” at the moment and date of their creation; they are neither renewed nor modified by themselves.
  • With the Snapshots you can create a server, install and set up all the software that you need and then save a Snapshot of that server with all the software already pre-installed. This way, you can use it in the future to create new servers that will be identical to the template image. Besides, you can use them to instantly clone any server that you already have working.
  • Snapshots are not linked to the original server, so if you delete the server, the Snapshot is still available for future use.
  • Snapshots are always instant. Creating a snapshot, creating a server from a snapshot or reverting a server to a previous snapshot are processes done in a few seconds.
  • The price of Snapshots is approximately 0,50€ per month (0,000685 € per hour) for each block of 25 GB of SSD disc of the original Server. As you can see, Snapshots are very economical!

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