Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Service Level Agreement (SLA) is a written contract between a service provider and its client in order to set the agreed level regarding the quality of that service.

According to the Service Level Agreement, commits to provide all its clients the agreed service with due diligence, using its high technical knowledge to achieve excellence.

Thus, through this agreement, we are committed to offer a 99.95% actual availability of the connectivity service. In the event that there is a failure in such service, agrees to reimburse the client the corresponding percentage of the monthly fee, to be paid according to the following table:

Service availability Discount
98% to 99,95% 10%    discount
96% to 98% 20%   discount
90% to 96% 30%   discount
80% to 90% 50%   discount
Less than 89,99% 100% discount

The calculation will be made according to the following formula:

Disp = 100 x (T – Tc) / T

where the concepts are:

Disp = 100% service availability, that is, connectivity.
T = Monthly Total Time
Tc = Total loss of connectivity time, which will be the time elapsed since the issue opening by the client (with a ticket opening) until the return of the connectivity in the affected server or service.

For the purposes of calculating the Availability of the Service, the duration of the incident (Tc) will be computed since the time the client communicates the lack of connectivity to until the moment verifies connectivity restoration.

Claim procedure

In order to obtain the compensation, the client must request it in writing to Clouding after a maximum of 72 hours since the incident has been closed indicating: IP or affected domain, date, time of the incident opening and all the documentation that might be requested by

The guarantee of the service availability applies exclusively to the connectivity itself.


The guarantee of service availability is not applicable in the event that the lack of service is caused by:

  • Set up mistakes by the client or similar.
  • Client server crashes caused by excessive or incorrect use of the resources assigned to the client.
  • Scheduled maintenance that has been previously notified via e-mail or through the website.
  • Works performed on the client server by the client.
  • Work performed on the client server by that has been ordered by the client.
  • Circumstances beyond’s control, including, without limitation, those motivated by force majeure and, amongst others, the following elements or resources:
    • The user’s computer system.
    • Navigation or connection software and user accessories.
    • Viruses, Trojans, worms or any other hostile, damaging or harmful computer program on the user’s equipment.
    • Switched telephone network, ISDN, frame relay, cable, satellite and any other transport or telecommunications infrastructure (including DNS propagation) that does not depend on or its suppliers.

The service availability guarantee is not applicable in case the client has breached some of the service provision bases, or has incurred in the non-payment of its fees, reasons for which might have been forced to deactivate, suspend or disconnect the server or service hired by the client through notice, prior or not, depending on the urgency and severity, taking into account the specificities of each particular case.

Compensation Payment

The compensation will be made through a discount on the billing following the request and after approval by

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