Setup of the keyboard in the VCN dashboard

In the following article we explain how to use the keyboard we connect to to our server with the VNC dashboard, available at the Client Area.

Remember that the VCN dashboard is an access method in emergency cases where you can´t connect to your Cloud Server through other means. In normal situations we recommend you to use SSH or Remote Desktop to connect, since they are faster and more comfortable means to work with your server.



In order to start to use the dahsboard you will have to click on the upper blue bar to change the focus of the browser, otherwise the keyboard might not type any character:


It is very possible as well that the characters that you tyope do not correspond to the ones showing up on the screen. That is because the disposition of the virtualized keyboard connected to the dashboard of your Cloud Server is in English (en-US), so you have to set up the keyboard  of the operative system of the equipment you connect with – here you can check how to do it – in the same language so that the keys work properly.

Once you have done this, your keyboard´s disposition will correlate to an English keyboard and will work properly.

Below you can see the disposition of an English keyboard:




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