Setting up Let’s Encrypt in VestaCP 0.9.8

With VestaCP you can create websites in a very simple way and, of course, you might want that your visitors to feel safe when checking that you ise HTTPS, and that you have a green locker by your domain. With Let´s Encrypt nowadays you can do this easily, just one click away. Before that you have to take into account certain information to succeed in generating the certificate quickly.

The first thing that you have to take into account is that your domain is pointing to your VestaCP server.


When you create a new website in VestaCP, different setups are possible. One of them is to be able to activate the SSL Support, where you can add a certificate that you have or create a new one by activating the Let´s Encrypt Support option. The moment you click on this option, the following message in green will show up “Your certificate will be issued within 5 minutes”. Save it and you will see the following error:


This error is because Let´s Encrypt and VestaCP execute a command to create the certificate in a specific domain. However, Let´s Encrypt needs an e-mail account in order to send renovation notifications of the domain. By default, choose the e-mail set up on the admin account, as since it has not been set up by you, it chooses a non-existing e-mail and that is why the error shows up. This is why you have to set up an e-mail beforehand.

Go to Users > Admin > Edit and there you can change the e-mail to one of your your own:


Finally, go to Web > > Edit and activate the SSL options again, and save. In a few seconds, you can access your website via HTTPS.


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