Update WordPress through FTP

Nowadays, over one third of all websites use WordPress as infrastructure and their content managing, becoming the world’s most famous website building platform.

WordPress is a content management system or CMS focused on the creation of any type of site. Originally, it reached a great relevance used for blogs creation, to become over time in one of the main tools for commercial web pages creation.

It has been developed in the PHP language for environments that run MySQL and Apache, under GPL license and it’s free software.

The causes of its enormous growth are, amongst others, its license, its user-friendliness and its features as a content manager.

Another point to consider about its success and extension is the huge community of developers and designers, responsible for programming it at its core or creating add-ons (called plugins) and templates (called themes) for the community.


Steps to Update WordPress through FTP

      1. Download the last WordPress version from here.
      2. Descompress the file downloaded on your PC.
      3. Deactivate all the plugins installed on WordPress.
      4. Connect through FTP to your server and access the file where you have WordPress installed.
      5. Delete the files /wp-includes y /wp-admin
      6. Upload the FTP files /wp-includes y /wp-admin of  theWordPress version you have downloaded.
      7. Access the /wp-content folder and replace the files by the WordPress version that you have downloaded.


        You must replace only the files folder, not the directories inside the latter.

      8. Access the main folder where WordPress is installed and replace the files by those of the WordPress version you have downloaded. 


        You must replace only the files folder, not the directories inside the latter.

      9. Access WordPress from a web browser and click on the button “Update WordPress Database” to finish the updating.

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