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1 GB = 0,0027€ / hour 1 GB = 2€ / month
1 GB


1 vCores = 0,0047€ / hour 1 vCores = 0,0088€ / hour 1 vCores = 3,5€ / month 1 vCores = 6,5€ / month
1 Cores

SSD Storage

25 GB = 0,0061€ / hour 25 GB = 4,5€ / month
25 GB

2 TB data transfer per month included. After that, €0.02/GB. See details

Tailored to your needs

Rush hour? Grow your cloud server and see the visits pour in!
Back to normal? Make your virtual server smaller and save!

Your cloud servers are now dynamic!

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Guaranteed Performance

Guaranteed Performance

Your virtual server will always have the best performance.
No excuses.

Triple Replica

Triple Replica

We keep three copies of your server and if one fails, we start another one right away.

Flexible Resources

Flexible Resources

Do you need more resources? Less? Change the resources of your virtual servers whenever you want to.

Just in one click

Just in one click

What do you need today? Quality Support? A Windows server for testing? In we make it easy for you.

Create and delete servers, whenever you want!

Sign up with the Cloud Hosting of and you will be able to create and delete cloud servers whenever you want to. And when you delete a server, you stop paying for it, because prices are charged per hour!

No flat fee or monthly rates!

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Forget about Dedicated Servers and switch to Clouding

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Some companies have already done it. Cloud Hosting is more stable, powerful and more flexible than a Dedicated Server.

Welcome to The Cloud Servers Evolution.

Our customer service is one-on-one. Let´s talk!

Do you have any questions about our services? Any suggestions? Call us or e-mail us.
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Our Datacenter is located in Spain and our in-house customer service is really helpful, and we don't have on-hold calls. Ask us anything you want about your server!

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