And if you have any problem along the way…

The Cloud Pros are by your side. is a self-managed service; we make sure the infrastructure runs correctly and you take care of the software installed on your VM. But what if you have a serious problem you can’t solve? Or if you need advanced technical advice?

Our Cloud Pro technicians can help you out! And if you don’t want to hire the service remember you have our Community at your disposal, where our Cloud Pros are members too.

The Cloud Pros service is available at a cost of €24/half an hour from Monday to Friday from 9am to 7pm and at a cost of 96€ an hour for the rest of the day.

1. Problem

1. Problem

The first step is assuming that you have a problem and explaining it to us. What’s happening?

2. Cost estimate

2. Cost estimate

The second step is that we estimate the cost of solving the problem.

3. Solution

3. Solution

The third step is to solve the problem as soon as possible. Right away!

Our Cloud Pros will help you out too if you want to have an ad
vanced solution. Here you have four examples which we could help you with.

  • Installation and Setup Apps

    Installation and Setup Apps

  • Optimization


  • Security


  • Other problems

    Other problems

Step 1 begins here. Describe your problem to our technical professionals.

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