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Backups already available for your cloud server

We know you were waiting for them. And after months of hard work to give you the best, we love to announce that … Backups are now available in! What are they for? Now you can save a history of your server that will protect and ensure the continuity of your project. You will […]

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Anti-DDoS Protection at

What is a DDoS attack? A Distributed Denial of Service Attack (DDoS) is, unfortunately, an increasingly common form of premeditated attack against the online infrastructure of a company or individual. In general, it involves the use of multiple external systems to flood the target┬┤s system with requests with the intention of saturating it. What are […]

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We have launched the archive of your cloud server!

At we have just launched the feature you were waiting for … the archive of your cloud server. We have received many requests on the archive and there you have it ­čÖé What is the archive? It is a new option that allows you to setup your server in a special state when you […]

Read more, sponsor of the Barcelona Code School is a sponsor of Barcelona Code School. We support projects that fit our “Do It Yourself” philosophy (DoItYourSelf) and with a constant update to get excellence. In this article we interview Paulina Pajarskaite, her manager, to tell us a little about the School, its students and how they work. Students who sign up for […]

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Ubuntu 17.04 available at

Ubuntu 17.04

It is already available at the Ubuntu 17.04 image, baptized as “Zetsy Zapus”, following alphabetically the last version “Yakkety Yak”. So you can already create VPS Servers with Ubuntu 17.04 as your operative systems. Now we are going to check out some of the novelties that Ubuntu 17.04┬á“Zetsy Zapus”.┬áRemember that Ubuntu 17.04 is not […]

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