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What is a DDoS attack?

A Distributed Denial of Service Attack (DDoS) is, unfortunately, an increasingly common form of premeditated attack against the online infrastructure of a company or individual.

In general, it involves the use of multiple external systems to flood the target´s system with requests with the intention of saturating it.

What are the consequences of a DDoS attack?

Your server is flooded with traffic or requests and stops working.

How does Anti-DDos help me?

It filters good and bad traffic. The bad, it throws away. The good, it allows it to come through.

What Anti-DDoS solution has implemented?

The service will keep on working as usual, even under very intense attacks. Our technicians have improved our network core and now we can mitigate DDoS attacks of up to 2 Tbps automatically.

Our partner in mitigating DDoS attacks is Voxility. The company is considered one of the best providers of attack mitigation. We always choose the best for you and your online business.

How are attacks mitigated?

If we receive a low/medium volume attack, the local filtering system protects you. If attacks are of a higher volume, the traffic is automatically redirected to an external system capable of dealing with attacks of up to 2 Tbps.

For whom is the Anti-DDoS?

In order to provide total security, includes this service on all its Cloud servers, to protect you from possible DDoS attacks and also to keep the entire infrastructure intact.

How much will I pay for the Anti-DDoS?

Our Anti-DDoS service is included in the price of your cloud server, it will not have any additional cost for you!

When will Anti-DDoS be effective at

The Anti-DDos is now active in! Rest easy, your cloud server enjoys the best protection against any DDoS attack.

THE SLA on Anti-DDoS

  Anti-DDoS Protection
Products All the cloud servers
Elegibility Included by default
Number of attacks per month Unlimited
Gbps limit per attack Unlimited
Attacks duration per month Unlimited
Type of attack All
Detection and Automitigation
Permanent Mitigation


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