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Dedicated Servers vs VPS vs Cloud Servers

Servidores Dedicados

We are sure that comparing different servers providers you have bumped into different hosting models, such as VPS, Dedicated Servers and Cloud Servers.

Although any of them would be suitable for you to begin with, it is important for you to choose the service which adapts the most to your needs. In order to help you out to choose, in this post we have selected information about several server options in order for you to make up your mind and choose what adapts to you the most.

Server models

Let´s have a look to the setup within each of them.

Dedicated Severs: Dedicated Servers have been the traditional solution for the high-performance activities. As the own name implies, each server is dedicated privately to one only client. The client gests access to a physical server with an agreement about the hardware specificities, processors and storage, all of it within the same unit.

Clients of Virtual Private Servers are given a portion of a physical server based on the amount of  hardware resources paid, so because of it multiple clients share the same physical machine. From the perch of the client, a VPS is not very different from a Dedicated Server with a rank setup from low to medium. But owing to the virtualization layer, the services provider can keep lower prices than Dedicated Servers.

Cloud Servers are often mixed up with VPS Servers, since both are based on virtualization and imply similar advantages and disadvantages. However, oftentimes the definition depends on the hosting provider. In we have raised Cloud Computing to another level, thus the storage system and computation nodes run separately. This provides our clients some advantages such as an easy escalability and redundance beyond traditional VPS or Cloud platforms. All in all, a VPS Cloud from can compete face-to-face – and even offer you more advantages- than a traditional Dedicated Server.

How prices are calculated

Whilst in some other posts we will focus on how you can make the most of your resources, in this one we will stress out the pricing issue. The first thing you should know is that usually Dedicated Servers will require a monthly minimum and can have a registration fee. It is the same with the VPS providers, which are usually paid on a monthly rate. However, in the Cloud Servers are hourly billable.

Besides, with the Cloud Servers you will have available a simple setup and a fast implementation. Starting a server for a quick test will cost you only a few cents. Because of the above explained, this would not be possible withe the Dedicated Servers or normal VPS.

Making the selection

Your needs, of course, will determine which server model is the best for you, but because of all the above explained, it is obvious that the Cloud Servers are in most cases the best option. In this table you can find the main points that differ ones from others:

Comparative summary

Server model Main features It is the best for Modelos de precios
Dedicated Server

One physical server per client

Aplicaciones web de alto peso

Monthly fixed rate

Registration fee

Virtual Private Server

Pre-setup servers

Effective Cost

Websites with predictable traffic

Fixed monthly rate
Cloud Server

 Advanzaded Automatic Redundancy

Scalable Servers at Will

Practically anything Depends on the provider

Elastic resources (RAM, CPU y SSD)



Quality Customer Service


Billing per hours

No monthly minimum


If what you really need is computing power, then Dedicated Servers are adequate for you, since it actual strength is focused on a high execution hardware. However, its lack of flexibility requires you knowing in anticipation the resources that you will need, since either it is limited or there is no chance whatsoever to escalate the server afterwards.

Therefore, if you are developing something of a variable scale and you like experimenting with no limits, virtual platforms are probably the most suitable for you.

From both virtualized environments, Cloud Servers from aim higher compared to the VPS regarding a lot of issues.

First off, the scalability is easy and does not require a lot of effort, and for the same reason our Cloud Servers are more reliable. Besides, with these Servers you will get a quality customer service, with no intermediates, and your IPs will be geo-located in Spain.

Secondly, whereas VPS can be competitive regarding the price, with the Cloud Servers you can save owing to its billing per hours, since you can optimize costs any time and you will not have to pay neither minimums nor a monthly fixed rate.

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